Difference between Heuristic net to Petri net converters

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I've for the last couple of weeks been using both ProM 5.2 and ProM 6.4.1 since there are some features available in ProM 5.2 which I can't find in ProM 6.4.1. Anyhow, I started to compare the results of some of the plugins available in both. When running the Heuristic Miner on the same log the resulting Heuristic Net look quite similar. However, a major difference appear when I convert the Heuristic Net to a Petri Net. The resulting Petri Net in ProM 6.4.1 is so much more complex than the resulting Petri Net in ProM 5.2. Is there a reason for this?


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    Dear Fordanic,

    In general, the plug-ins in ProM 6(.4.1.) are more recent and therefore more mature, in general.

    I assume in your particular example that ProM 5 ran additional Petri net reduction algorithms. In ProM 6 this is seperated in a seperate plugin (Murata reduction or reduce Petri net is it called from the top of my head). Therefore, you might want to try this, reducing the Petri net, to see if your results in ProM 6 come close to those of ProM 5.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Reduce Silent Transitions seemed to do it. However, think I'm sticking with ProM 5.2 for the Heuristics net mining since I'do prefer the visualization used in ProM 5.2 for Heuristics nets over the one used in ProM 6.4.1.

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