Incorporating Time into Event Logs?

Hi there,

I've been building simple logs and playing around with the different miner tools. I'm wanting to start developing more complex models using time to visualise the process much clearer. I've tried converting my csv files (a simple mockup is shown at the bottom of this discussion entry) to xes but the time stamp doesn't seem to want to read my data. Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong with the csv file? I presume my use of a number to denote days from start to end of operation, rather than a traditional time stamp may be the issue, but I'm not certain.


Patient –Operation – Time (Days)

001 – A – 5

001 – B – 3

001 – C – 6

002 – A – 2

002 – C – 4



  • Managed to play around for a few hours to get the answer. My hesitation was trying to use a traditional time stamp, but I spent a bit of time sorting my data and using a dd-mm-yyyy format.
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