Run a plug-in without installing Eclipse

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is there a way to import a plug-in to ProM 6 (from that is not included in the package manager, without installing Eclipse?



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    )Yes, there is way.

    I'm assuming that you're using a Nightly Build, as you mention the repository of the Nightly Builds (

    If you have a MyPlugins.jar file that contains plug-ins, then you can add this MyPlugins.jar file to the dist folder in the folder where the ProM Nightly Build is located. Then you can add a line to the ProM.bat file as the following snippet shows:

    @set X=.\dist\ProM-Framework.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Contexts.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Models.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Plugins.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\MyPlugins.jar

    The last line has been added to ensure that the MyPlugins.jar file is in the classpath. If you now start ProM, then the plug-ins in the MyPlugins.jar file will be found.

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  • pdeliaspdelias Posts: 5
    Thank you Eric!
    I had some problems with the  -XX:+UseCompressedOops JVM option, but removing it seems to solve them!

  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910
    For this option, you need to run Java in server mode (java -server). This mode should be the default on modern 64 bit computers, but this mode is not available on 32 bit computers. In that case, you indeed need to remove this option, as the client mode Java does not recognize this option and fail to create the VM as a result.
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