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Plugin for Duration information.

suryateja2197suryateja2197 Posts: 6
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In my project I want to project duration between the tasks . I wanted to know which plugin to use to get this required output. 

Thank You.

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  • fmannhardtfmannhardt Posts: 57
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    You can give the MultiPerspectiveExplorer package a go. See here for an introduction (including short screencast):


    In the paper it is mainly about discovering rules, but you can also use the "Performance Mode" to show the duration between events (mapped to tasks). As shown on screenshot 1. Then you switch the measure to some time based measure as shown on screenshot 2.

    You need to provide an event log and a petri net as input. You could mine the petri net, for example, using the Inductive Miner. You could also try the replay feature of Inductive Visual Miner.
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