How to export a view in Prom 6?

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 Hi everyone,

I'm unable to export a view in Prom 6 after doing some analysis.
Are there other people with the same issue?  See the screenshot (upload fails, so:


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    Dear Robert,

    Which version of ProM 6 are you using? An d on which OS are you running it? The screenshot hints at MacOS. Is that right?

    For exporting the view, ProM 6 uses FreeHEP. This comes with a library that contains the dialog shown in your screenshot, and a couple of libraries that should fill the drop-down menu with export formats that is now empty. FreeHEP fills this menu in a dynamic way by scanning the libraries in the classpath for possible export formats. Possibly, these libraries are missing form the classpath on your system. 

    Another option is a versioning conflict in the FreeHEP libraries. If the export format libraries are too new for the dialog library, the latter will not recognize the former. Did you update some ProM packages lately?

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Eric,

    I'm using version 6.5.1, indeed running on OSX.
    I did not update some ProM packages lately.

    Is there any way for me to check possible conflicts between the FreeHEP libraries?

    I found the libraries in the ProM package. Any tips on how to solve this?



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