How can I see the plugin I built in my sandbox project?

Dear all,

I am very new to ProM-Development and I'm just getting started with it.
Mr. Verbeek provided me a Sandbox folder on the repository, where I can experiment.

Can you tell me how I can make my plugin visible in the ProM Launch?

If I push the changes to the Repository, I still don't see any changes in the ProM Launch..

Would it normally appear immediately or do I have to wait or do something else first?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Best regards,



  • OllyseusOllyseus Posts: 27
    It was just an error in the @PluginVariant Part... I didn't specify the number of parameter correctly. So if you face the same problem have a look at your console and see wether there is any red error message! The errors are not allways detected by the compiler
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