Buttons don't work 6.5.1 - import phase in PROM

GerGer Posts: 1
Hi all,

I've got a problem with 6.5.1 prom. I have done a normal installation, installed the packages by running the .bat file as first start, all seems to work OK. 

When I try to import a CSV, with Convert to CSV to XES the screen with the Seperator, Charset en Quote character overview is given. The problem: none of the buttons work. The NEXT isnt working, also the CANCEL isnt doing anything when clicked..
I can select the cases (in the data preview) in the overview, but the buttons don't work.

Does anybody know a fix for this problem? Or a workaround? I can't get 6.6 working neighter. 
I've tried 3 different laptops (2x win7, 1x win10) all of them show the same problem... 

Kind regards,


  • fmannhardtfmannhardt Posts: 58
    Dear Ger,

    Sorry to hear that the CSV importer does not work for you. I know there are bugs in the CSV importer of ProM 6.5.1. It is possible that those bugs lead to the described behavior: the buttons appear not to work.

    The issue with the major ProM releases is that I cannot update the package. So there is no way to solve bugs in ProM 6.5.1.

    You mentioned that you cannot get ProM 6.6 working. Does this mean it shows the same behavior? If so, then could you please start ProM with the batch files (.bat) and look if there is an error reported on the console. Please send me the entire content of the console window (right click, select all and copy should do).

    Another option (if the log file can be shared) is to send me the log file by mail (f.mannhardt@tue.nl). I will test it and, of course, treat the content as confident.


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