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How can I start the src project?

bincaobincao Posts: 2
edited February 2011 in - Development

I've read the document about how to become a ProM developer, and I followed the instructions.

But it seems that this document is for old version since I could not run it with GUI, there is no gui package under org.processming.contexts.

So, how can I run it correctly,and is there any instrutcions in details for new developer?




  • JBuijsJBuijs Posts: 918
    Dear Bincao,

    First of all, please note that the repository has been moved. See

    You are right, the HowTo is a bit out of date.

    Please copy the 'New Package' package and modify it to your needs. This package is updated and should work. The basics of the HowTo tutorial should still hold for the 'new package' package.

    Let us know if you encountered any other problems!
    Joos Buijs

    Senior Data Scientist and process mining expert at APG (Dutch pension fund executor).
    Previously Assistant Professor in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Dear JBuijs,

    Is the 'NewPackage' package in you mentioned? I checked it out and still I was confused how to use it.

    I checked the ProM from repository, and I lanuched it with 'Prom with GUI', but I got the error 'java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/processmining/contexts/gui/GUI' which means there is no 'GUI' class.

    And I did not find the GUI class in 'NewPackage' which I found in either.

    Can you give me some instructions for launching the ProM?

  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 803
    Dear Bincao,

    You correctly checked out ProM from, but you need to launch it with 'ProM with UITopia'. The 'ProM with GUI' tries to run ProM using a GUI that is not supported any more.

    Likewise, if you have checked out a package (say from, you need to launch it with 'ProM with UITopia (AlphaMiner)'. The advantage of running  ProM this way is that it takes changes you made to the package at hand (AlphaMiner) into account, whereas running 'ProM with UITopia' would ignore these changes.

    Kidn reagrds,

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