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ProM 6: How to modify the UI ?

HerisanuGabrielHerisanuGabriel Posts: 5
edited February 2011 in - Development
        I want to develop a plugin for ProM 6 that could import an XML file and show the contained information in a window like "Log Visualizer".
I managed to create a plugin that imports my XML file but I don't know how to link the Log Visualizer window to it.
        Could you tell me what java class creates the "Log Visualizer" window for the XES files ?



  • Dear Gabriel,

    The "Log Visualizer" visualization is defined in the "LogDialog" package. You may want to see the classes on the package further and reuse them to make your own XML file visualization. 

    If you don't really need specific XML format, I strongly suggest you use the existing XML standards supported in ProM (preferably XES). Not only that you don't have to implement many other new things (e.g. visualization, import/export), you can also immediately use existing plugins that works based on these formats.

    ProM Development Support
  • Thank you!
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