YAWL model export failure from ProM 6

Hi, I am trying to save a process tree into a YAWL format, then to export it for further use in YAWL but get an error "Export File Generation Error". This error message completely stops the ProM and I have to start the Task manager in order to quit it and restart ProM. 
I use a recent version of Java and ProM is fully up-to-date. 
Please help!


  • Hi,
    I have forwarded your question to my colleague. Please wait... :)

  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910
    Dear lean2win,

    So far, I have been unable to reproduce this error message. Hence, I need to ask you some questions that may help me in reproducing it:
    - Which version of ProM are you using?
    - On which operating system?
    - Can you disclose the process tree that you are trying to convert and export?
    - Which conversion plug-in are you using to convert the process tree to a YAWL model?
    - Which export plug-in are you using to export the YAWL model to file?

    Kind regards,


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