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Differencegraph with HeuristicsNet does nothing

nzacknzack Posts: 7

I have created 2 heuristics nets with similar data (different samples from the same population) using the package Mine for a Heuristics Net using Heuristics Miner.  When I attempt to use these to create a difference graph, the wizard fails to appear and an empty result appears in the workspace.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?  Here is what appears in the command line:

Start plug-in Differencegraph from HeuristicsNets

End plug-in Differencegraph from HeuristicsNets, took 30 milliseconds



  • kfgz087kfgz087 Posts: 61
    Hi nzack,

    Thanks for your question. I already sent you question to the author of the plugin. I think he will answer the question ASAP.
    Guangming Li
    PhD student in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • nzacknzack Posts: 7
    Thank you!
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