How to export the statistics data from some plug-ins to a CSV file?

luisculuiscu Posts: 15
Hi all, anybody know how can I get the statistics (media, std devs, ...) of the activities obtained from the next plugins?
  • Inductive Visual Miner
  • Replay a Log on Petri Net for Performance/Conformance Analysis
  • Replay a Log on Petri Net for Conformance Analysis
I would like just a simple CSV with the figures.

Any hint?



  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910

    As far as I know, there is no export plug-in readily available that does this. Of course, writing such a plug-in is not that hard, as long as one knows where to look for that data, but somebody needs to develop and maintain that plug-in.

    For both Replay plug-ins, I might be able to create such a plug-in, but I'm less familiar with the Inductive miner data structures.

    Kind regards,


  • luisculuiscu Posts: 15
    Thanks for your reply Eric. I look forward for the updates on the plug-ins
    In the meantime I'll be using Excel  :)

  • sjjleemanssjjleemans Posts: 74
    edited February 2017
    Hi Luis,

    I've added some basic statistics export to the Inductive visual Miner.

    First, wait till the performance measures to be completed.
    Then, click the 'export view' button.
    This will give a dialog to save a new file. Locate 'Files of Type' and choose 'csv (statistics)'. This will save a csv file with some basic statistics (values separated by tabs, depending on your settings of Excel, this should open correctly).

    Kind regards,


    Ps. it will take a while (till August) for this feature to be included in the ProM release. Please use the nightly build for now.
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    Sander Leemans
    Assistant Processor (Lecturer) at Queensland University of Technology
    Author of the visual Miner and Inductive Miner
  • luisculuiscu Posts: 15
    Thanks a lot Sander. I'll try as soon as I can.

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