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How to export trace variants in RapidProm

Dear all,

I am using RapidProm to explore my events log, namely, the trace variants discovery. Do you have any idea how to export traces variants in CSV or Excel format in RapidProm (image1)? My objective is to automate both the variants discovery and their export to disk.

The export is possible in ProM 6.5.1 (image2) by right clicking on the trace and selecting "Export selected trace variant(s) to Prom", then from the ProM 6.5.1 workspace I select "Export to disk".

Thank you.

Best regards.

Widad Es-Soufi

PhD Student

“Decision-making support in the context of systems design and supervision”

Arts et Métiers ParisTech. France.

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  • aboltabolt Posts: 3
    Hi Widad,

    Currently this is not possible.
    RapidProM and RapidMiner are designed for large-scale experimentation, and not for interacting with specific objects/component.

    Nevertheless, I will ask the developer of that ProM Plugin to provide such functionality in RapidProM.


  • Hi Widad,
    you could write a simple RapidProM operator yourself. There is a helper class in the Log package:


    You can use the method:


    to obtain the variants as a ListMultimap. Then, exporting is up to you :smile: but should be easy.
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