Notations or Languages ​​for Modeling Business Processes

I am a student from Brazil and I am researching on Process Mining where my research is to learn 
about the influence of business process modeling languages ​​on their use in process mining.
For example, I model a process with BPMN or EPC notation, generate a log with this template
and put the result in ProM to evaluate if there was any problem finding the business process
with a particular language. I'm having a hard time finding tools that generate modeling logs in BPMN and EPC languages. I would like to check if anyone knows of any tool that can generate logs from the modeling
of the 2 notations mentioned above (BPMN and EPC) since Petri and YAWL already managed
to find available tools and do what I need .... I'm new to the area and I really need help! Thank you


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910

    Perhaps you can convert an BPMN or EPC model first to a Petri net (or YAWL model), and to generate the log from that Petri net (or YAWL model).

    Kind regards,

  • rccruzrccruz Posts: 6
    Hello, what plugin do you recommend to convert BPMN to YAWL and where can I find it? I'm using prom 6.5.1 thanks

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