ProM 6.6 startup issue (hangs at reading packages)

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I installed ProM 6.6 and had a bit of trouble since i have to go through a proxy. Adding "" into the BATs and INIs fixed that, but now the EXEs stop with "An error occured while starting the appplication" and the BATs always stop at ">>> Loading packages from" (I set VERBOSE = ALL in the ProM.INI).

Any help ideas or help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Edit: Oh and I tried clearing the plugin cache and deleting the registry entry "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\org\processmining\framework\plugin\impl"

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    OK issue is resolved and can be closed.
    I simply let the hanging bat run in the background and after aproximately 35-40 minutes the Package Manager GUI came up and started installing.
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    Thanks for reporting the solution mwy. Happy mining!
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