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Exception while calling alpha miner using Command Line

priyanka0912priyanka0912 Posts: 10
edited March 2017 in - Development
I am following the post  to call alpha miner plugin using command line. I followed the exact steps, however I am getting an exception. can anyone tell me where am I going wrong? Thank you. 
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  • dfahlanddfahland Posts: 8
    Hi Priyanka, I agree that the scripts are particularly hard to debug. Your script uses a line System.out.println("Loading); without the closing quote.

    As a result, the parser for the JIT-compiler for the script fails and throws this rather generic exception.

    So, to fix this, add the closing quote. If you face other problems, please post the script source code as otherwise it is rather hard to spot the problem.

  • thanks alot
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