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Creating Package related problem

Hello, I am trying to create my own ProM package. I followed the first steps but I get a problem.

First steps

  1. Install some Java IDE with SVN functionality, like Eclipse with Subclipse.
  2. Select "File / New / Other…" in the Eclipse menu bar.
  3. Select "SVN / Checkout Projects from SVN" and "Next>".
  4. Select "Create a new repository location" and "Next>".
  5. Enter "" in the URL field and "Next>".
  6. Select "Trunk" and "Finish".

This will create a new project in Eclipse from our SVN repository

Until here there was no problem. However, it says after that To run the project for the first time, please do the following:

  1. Right-click the "ProM Package Manager (Workshop).launch" file and select "RunAs / ProM Package Manager (Workshop)". This start the ProM 6 Package Manager.
  2. Go to the "Not installed" tab (left-hand side).
  3. Select "RunnerUpPackages" in the list, and select "Install" at the right-hand side. This will install the typical set of packages (which contain most of the plug-ins).
  4. Close the Package Manager.
  5. Right-click the "ProM with UITopia (Workshop).launch" file and select "RunAs / ProM with UITopia (Workshop)". This starts ProM 6.
Actually, I don't find the files called "ProM Package Manager (Workshop).launch" and "ProM with UITopia (Workshop).launch".
They are not created when I followed the steps.

Could you please tell me how can solve this problem?

Thank you^^


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