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Hi everybody,
I'm trying to use the "Mine transition system" plug-in and I noticed that the transition system got at the end of the wizard varies depending on what I have selected between the following options: "List", "Multiset", "Set", "Fixes Length Set" (see the attachment). Someone can tell me the differences between these options? Thank you in advance..
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    Hi Talion,

    As I understand, the options ("List", "Multiset", "Set" and "Fixes Length Set") are used to identify states in a transition system. For instance, if you choose "List", the state is <a,b> after a happens and then b happens, which is different from the state <b,a> after b happens and then a happens. If you choose "Set", there is no order in the state, which means the above two situations create the same state {a,b}.
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    Perfect! Thank you.
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