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Time Prediction

Hi there,

I am an experienced (I hope) business analyst but still a novice with Process Mining.  I read the van der Aalst workflow book almost years ago but never followed through and now just starting the Process Mining book but the learning curve is long and steep compared to my deadlines - I want to demo a capability to predict completion times and perhaps compare against SLAs.

I have downloaded Prom v6.7 (and CPN Tools) and worked through the FutureLearn course so have some simple models working in Prom.

However, I am trying to emulate the analysis in: 

W.M.P. van der Aalst, M.H. Schonenberg, and M. Song. Time Prediction Based on Process Mining. Information Systems, 36(2):450-475, 2011.

But just have a few newbie questions:

1. is this the latest/most complete thinking on this subject or has it been superceded/improved.  I couldn't find anything on the web or forum.
2. I couldn't find the FSM Analyser in Prom v6 - has it been re-named, or replaced, or do I have to download an extra plug in?
3. Are there any tutorial videos on this subject? 
4. The article talks about creating data in CPN there a sample data set I could use to emulate the analysis?

Thanks Gerald


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