Could not import file InvocationTargetException

Hi all,
I've been searching in forum before asking but could not find the similar topic. 
I tried to use ProM Lite 1.2 (as suggested by the BPI Challenge 18) but still get the error (see screenshot) 
Then I tried ProM 6, Prom Lite 1.1 and still got the same error.
Wonder if anyone encounter the same issue ? and I'm looking for advice. Thank you all


  • talesfctalesfc Posts: 5
    Hi Sarah,
    The Import function presents a list of options. For me, with Prom Lite 1.2, the default option failed but another one succeeded (don't have access right now for the specific option names).
  • Sarah_ToSarah_To Posts: 2
    Hi talesfc, 
    Thanks for suggestion. 
    I imported the log file to Disco, then export to new file and import to ProM and it work. However, import file directly to prom won't work, even with the other documents they provided. 
    Will see how it goes and update here.  
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