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Problem with workshop graph

Hi everyone

I'm going to develop a plugin similar to workshop plugin. It is my first experiment. The problem is that I can not convert the workshop model to a workshop graph. Is there something broken? I can't understand what I'm doing wrong. It seems that there is no error. 


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    Can you indicate what is "workshop" plugin?
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  • MahnazMahnaz Posts: 8
    Dear CongLi

    Thank you for paying attention to my question. I have downloaded Prom workshop project from here. The source codes for workshop plugins can be found in spoiler package. After running this project it is possible to convert a log to a workshop model but converting a workshop model to a workshop graph (using "Convert to workshop graph") does not work. 

    The thing that I want to do is similar to workshop plugin, Just with two criteria. I am in the step of converting the model to a graph. but I need the main one to work first.

    Thank you again.

  • MahnazMahnaz Posts: 8
    Hi again

    It just needed to get updated. Now it is working just fine. :smile: 
  • haha, great job and sorry for the delay. 
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