Several questions about decision and checking

Hi there!

I have some questions regarding the checking and decision process.

1. There are some events named 'revoke decision', which often appeared after 'decide' in Entitlement/Payment Application.  What is the possible reason of 'revoke decision'? My guess is they may be triggered by inspection, e.g. some penalties are made after inspection. However in some cases, there's no inspection between 'decide' and 'revoke decision'.

2. I also observe some "begin admissibility check" and "check admissibility'with notes" event in the log. It seems to me that this check is related to the subprocess 'objection'. Could you provide some detailed explanation? 

Thanks so much!


  • fborchertfborchert Posts: 27
    1. "Revoke decision" is likely to happen if someone notices that some changes to documents need to be made. It's then usually sufficient to execute "calculate" once again.

    2. These activities are indeed special to objections and are executed when a new objection by the applicant is filed to check if the objection is, well, admissable.

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