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Hello ProM Forum,

I am just getting started in the practice of process mining and I would like to know the best way to convert a Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) to a suitable log file for ProM. I have search this forum but could not find a simple explenation, if someone could help me getting started I would be very happy. If the layout of the spreadsheet is important for conversion decisions, I can elaborate on that, but simply said, each row represents an activity, from a certain case, from a certain process, and contains a number colums with information.

Kind regards, Kasper

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    Hi Kasper,


    You might want to read into XESame, a tool developed for this purpose, see the other category in the forum.

    Another tool available is Disco (from fluxicon).

    On this forum and other pages there is a lot of information about these tools that should get you started!


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    Dear Joos,

    Thank you for the response. I have been reading into XESame and tried to follow the steps described on the example page, but they do not match the buttons and screens I get on my computer and I also have the idea I am doing things that are beyond my current knowledge.

    I tried the .csv plugin from Prom Import, and that works well except for the taskdata part. This information is not parsed correctly, still no clue why. (for other users having problems on other parts then taskdata with this conversion, I have some answers about assumptions on data input types)

    But then... I see I am allowed to have an academic license of the Disco program, since I am a student of Utrecht University. As far as I can see for now this gives me the most easiest option to load excell sheets directly into the program and convert them. 

    I am glad for this license and thank you for the advice. Will be posting my questions on this useful place.

    with regards, Kasper

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