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Hello everyone!!

I have recently installed ProM 6.4 in my computer and tried to use it as well but when i import a file in xes format it is imported in XLog format and not as an event log. The files that i used are from the example log files that there are in the website. I am sending you indicative images. What am i doing wrong?? 

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    Dear 'Aspa_Stam',

    You are doing everything correct, XLog is the internal Java class name used to represent event logs.

    Hope this helps!

  • JBuijsJBuijs Posts: 922
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    This is caused by different visualizers for the XLog object.

    On the top right of your screen you have a dropdown box where you can select the 'Log Dialog' visualizer, this one should be the same as the one in the tutorial :)

    Good luck!

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    I'm not sure from which package but this is not part of the core set of plug-ins distributed with ProM 6.4.

    You can try de-installing some plug-ins, or de-install all and install only the established packages. That should remove some functionalities, including the incorrect visualization that you have shown, but at the same time makes sure you have higher-quality plug-ins available.


  • Thanks for your reply JBuijs!!

    But what about the view resource of the file?? After i have imported my file when i select the "Visualise" button what i see is the second image i have attached in my previous post. This is not what the tutorials show! Is it the same thing with another form?? Generally, why does what i see not correspond to what the tutorials show?? Everything is completely different and i cannot explain anything...FrownFrown   

  • Do you mean that box that is shown in the image i send?? When i select the "Log Dialog" visualizer i get the same thing as above and there is not such graph in the tutorials. Even if i select any of the rest buttons i don't get what the tutorials show... :-<

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