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Prom extensions - rapidminer

BSteelantBSteelant Posts: 2
edited November 2014 in Announcements / News


I am trying to use the prom extensions in rapid miner. I followed the installation instructions from the manual and tried to run the examples described in the user manual (available on the prom-extension website).

Nothing seems to work... I can't even read the sample XES files which are provided with the Process Mining manual. (running-example-just-two-cases.xes). I receive the following warning: Plugin Open XES Log File (naive) did not return any result as an error occurred!.

Followed by the message " The log could not be read. Please have a look at the error trace. Perhaps something is wrong with the file?"

The file load OK in PROM 6.3 and the RapidMiner log does not show any errors.

A similar error occurs when trying to load one of the sample PNML files.

Any idea what should be done to resolve this problem?



  • PaulPaul Posts: 1

    Having the exact same problem.  I have the ProM context and the .xes import blocks connected, but I get the identical error and am completely stuck trying to use rapidminer.

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