Accessibility of pages when Not Logged In

Could you please give some more information on the access policies and/or the technicalities of the website causing events to end up in the logfile for Not_Logged_In customers or in the logfile for Logged_In customers. We see in the Not_Logged_In-file many pages that are only accessable when logged in. Sometimes we see even a number of activities that follow each other within a short period of time, that all require a login. Thank you.


  • mdeesmdees Posts: 7
    The situation you describe is known to UWV. Unfortunately we do not have a fully satisfactory explanation for it yet. We know it is partly related to the architecture of the website and partly to the way the clicks are logged.

    It is correct that some pages can only be reached after logging in. You may assume that the customer is actually logged in when such a page is visited (even when the click is in the Not_Logged_In file).
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