Mapping Handlingchannelid/Contactchannelid

Is there a meaningful mapping available for the following id's?

* "handlingchannelid" in werkmap messages
* "contactchannelid" in compliants


  • mdeesmdees Posts: 7
    There is no link or overlap between these fields. The HandlingChannelID refers to an outgoing channel and the ContactChannelID refers to an incoming channel.
  • gjwgjw Posts: 4
    edited July 2016
    My question was not about any overlapping between the two fields. Rather, I was wondering whether meaningful categories are available instead of the numerical identifiers. This would make the analysis more interesting than just talk about channel 1 or 2 etc.
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  • mdeesmdees Posts: 7
    For anonymization reasons this information is not shared. If you refer to the channels as channel 1, 2, etc. this will already be interesting enough for UWV.
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