Export InductiveVisualMiner model to video

Hi Guys,

Everybody's mind gets blown away when they saw the animation of the model over the time. Always my first question is that how can they get this in a video. And then comes the shame... the exported avi is so blurry that even the most eagle-eyed users can't see anything from it. Do you have any recommendation how to overcome this problem?

Thanks, Peter


  • Hi Peter,

    That's a though one: I suspect this is because of the compression that the Inductive visual Miner applies to its videos. As an intermediate solution, I've made the size of the video dependent on the window size at the moment of export, such that you can control the size of the movie: making it bigger should make everything more readable.
    However, notice that the video files will become -very- big.

    As a future better solution, I'd have to include a better video compression tool. Anyone would have suggestions?
    Sander Leemans
    Assistant Processor (Lecturer) at Queensland University of Technology
    Author of the visual Miner and Inductive Miner
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