How to choose a trace-attribute for trace colouring in the Inductive Visual Miner?

I would like to use a trace attribute of my choice for trace colouring in the Inductive Visual Miner. However, when opening the trace colouring dialogue in the IvM, I only get the options "concept:name", "duration" and "number of events".

My eventlog contains plenty of variables at the trace level, but they're not shown in the trace colouring dialogue of the IvM. I suspect that I should define this in the plugin "Convert CSV to XES", which I use as a first step. I have tried the "Show Expert Configuration" dialogue when converting my CSV to XES to define trace attributes, but to no avail. Whatever I assign to the cells in the row "XES Extension" gets ignored later by the trace colouring dialogue box of the IvM.

How can I tell ProM that a specific attribute xy should be treated as a trace-level attribute, so that it's included in the trace colouring dialogue of the IvM? In which plugin and how specifically?

Best, Frank


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    Hi Frank,

    Inductive visual Miner will indeed show all trace attributes in the "trace colouring" dialog. However, in a csv file, only events have attributes (as there is no specific notion of a trace in a csv file). To lift attributes from events to traces, you can use the plug-in "Copy attributes from event-level to trace-level". This will copy the attributes from events to the traces. (please make sure that the attributes are actually encoded in the XES-log on the events before calling this plug-in)

    PS. Please note that up to ProM 6.8, only 7 colours were supported. In the nightly build and any subsequent releases, this limitation has been dropped for numeric or time-based attributes.
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