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PetriNet to BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation)

Hello, ProM supports conversion of petri net to BPMN.  which paper should I refer to if I want to understand how petri nets are transformed to BPMN?

Also, as I understand one can use Alpha Miner to get a petri net from event logs. Heuristic Miner can also be used to get a HeuristicsNet which can be transformed to PetriNet. However, the fuzzy miner output cannot be converted to petrinet/bpmn. Is this correct? Thanks.


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 805

    For the work in ProM on BPMN, please have a look at the work of Anna Kalenkova (see for example The conversion from Petri ents to BPMN seems straightforward, I'm not sure there is an entire paper on that topic.

    Some conversions from Heuristics net to Petri net in ProM are experiencing problems with the join/split behaviors. Please check whether the conversion you're actually using suffers from sich problems. Indeed, the fuzzy models cannot be converted to Petri nets or BPMN models simply because these fuzzy models lack proper semantics. 

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