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Calculate values within process

Let's say i have a small process (purchase order e.g.) that has some monetary values (€). 
Is it possible within ProM to calculate with such values? 
For example i want to sum these values (see column 'money' below).

case activity timestamp money
payment1 order 01012019 010101
payment1 voucher 01012019 010102 100
payment1 received 01012019 010103
payment1 three-way-match 01012019 010104
payment2 order 01012019 010105
payment2 voucher 01012019 010106 600
payment3 voucher 01012019 010107 300
payment3 received 01012019 010108

In ProM i want to filter only cases with the step 'order' and then calculate the total value of column money (in this simple example 700€).


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 617

    ProM allows you to filter in all cases that have the step 'order', but there is no functionality (yet) to perform calculations like you describe.

    A possible workaround could be to filter the cases using ProM, to export the resulting log to a CSV file, and then to use Excel or something like that to do the computations.

    The alternative would be to develop a dedicated ProM plug-in to do the computations.

    Kind regards,

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