Why does the Precision and Generalization have a value of "0.00000"?

lemonlemon Posts: 2
I have used "Alpha Miner"(or Heuristics Miner) plugin to get a Petri Net, then I exported the Net and used the "Align Log And Model for Repair (find loops)“ plugin to get "PNRepResult" , and finally used the "Measure Precision/Generalization" plugin to get this two quality dimensions. However, Some precision and generalization results are zeros, why it appeared?



  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910

    This can happen if no trace can actually be replayed in the net. And this can happen only when the final marking of the Petri net (one token in the end place) cannot be reached from its initial marking (one token in the start place).

    The alpha miner can discover nets that contain deadlocks and things like that. Some implementations of the heuristics miner can also do so. The Interactive Data-aware Heuristics Miner (available in ProM 6.8) does not have this problem. If you're using ProM 6.8, you might want to use this miner.

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