Newbie using Pro M for research purposes - training resources?


I''m a doctoral student investigating how process mining can be applied using online data of tutor-student interactions. The online data is mostly unstructured natural language data

I'm new to process mining and also don't have a background in computer science. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any training resources or online courses that I could do to help improve my skills in using Pro M? I have done an online course via FutureLearn but am having issues with generating an event log, which were not covered in that course. In particular, I am having difficulty with getting the timestamps in the event log recognised, and with creating a Petri-net. I've double-checked the formatting of the time stamps and these seem to be correctly formatted

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  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910

    In which format do you have the event log? The XES format is quite strict about it, the CSV importer can handle more different formats.

    If XES, can you post some sample problematic timestamps? Or (even better) a sample log?

    As an alternative, you could use the "Import Lenient Log from IEEE XES Log File" importer for XES files. This provides you with a list of warning messages concerning the format, and will import the file as much as possible. The warning messages may help.

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