freezing of measure precision/generalization plug-in

FaizaFaiza Posts: 1
 The main problem is the freezing of measure precision/generalization plug-in. More precisely, we are using "measure precision/generalization" plugin in Prom lite 1.2 ( also in Prom 1.1). We use "mine Petri net with Inductive visual miner" in order to obtain the Petri net and "replay a log on Petri net for conformance analysis" for obtaining fitness. After that, we want to calculate precision but the computer is freezing on this calculation. 
Please share if anyone else has faced the same problem
Suggestions for any other plug-ins are welcome. 


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910

    Can it be that the plugin you are using is running out of memory? Did you try to increase the amount of memory available to ProM?

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