Not all installed Packages are available. E.g. TraceClustering

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Hi everyone, I'm using Prom6.9 and the PackageManager to install the packages. The PM shows much more packages than available/visible in ProM. One example is the TraceClusterung by Hompes.

Is there a reason why not all installed packages are shown in ProM?

Thanks and Regards
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    Hi Dominik,

    Packages have a certain status attached to them, and by default a certain status is required to be installed automatically. Apparently, the TraceClustering package does not have sufficient status to be installed automatically.

    You can install every package manually using the Package Manager. Just select first the "Not installed" tab, then select the package you want to have installed, and finally select the "Install" button. Now close the Package Manager and start ProM. The package will then be available in ProM.

    Kind regards,
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    Hi Eric,
    thank you very much for your fast reply. The problem is I already installed all packages.

    This is the cmd output for the package:
    Loading packages from
    [PackageConfigPerister] Context URL set to
    Read package in 30 milliseconds.

    When I search for "trace clustering" the following packages were shown in Prom69:
    • ActiTraC
    • Cluster cases over time using Markov clustering
    • Cluster cases using Markov clustering
    • TEST - Test trace clustering result
    When I search for "traceclustering" in the package manager following packages are shown:
    • TraceClustering
    • TraceClusteringFSM

    Thank you in Advance

    Kind regards

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    Hi Dominik,

    The first list you show actually contains plugins, not packages. The second and third plugin (Cluster traces [over time] using Markov clustering) are from the TraceClustering package, although ProM does not show this.

    If you want to know which plugins is contained in which packages, please have a look at and

    Kind regards,

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    Thank you, this helps a lot.
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