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Hi everyone,

We are working on creating a plugin that can validate compliance rules in a Log. We create a plugin and we want to show different graphs in the view section to, for example, show what percentage of traces meet a rule and what percentage do not.
We looked at the implementation of other plugins and tried to return a JComponent with the graphics but the view section never fired.

We always come to this.

We want it to appear in the visualizations section.

This is possible?



  • Hi,

    Yes, this is possible.

    To visualize an object, you need to create a visualizer plugin for that object's class. In your case, you would need to create a visualizer for a JComponent. The implementation of this plugin would be rather straightforward, as a visualizer plugin returns a JComponent. As a result, the visualizer plugin just returns the object it was given.

    However, it may be better to make some changes. I would create a DashboardPanel class that visualizes the data (say, DashboardData) you have. Your plugin then returns an object of the DashboardData class, as a result of which ProM starts the DasboardVisualizer which then shows the DashboardData. You could then also create different visualizers for the same DashboardData, which would allow you to switch between visualizers. This would also allow you to export and import DashboardData.

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    thanks for your answer, we made it
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