How do I export an XES log from the CLI?

I am currently automating a workflow via the ProM 6.10 CLI and java scripts. The final step would be to export the newly obtained xes event log, the output of the script. Going through the variants, I stumbled upon a plugin named "Export Log to XES File". Running my script gave the following Exception: "Command not found: export_log_to_xes_file( org.deckfour.xes.model.impl.XLogImpl, )".

When going through the source code, I noticed the plugin required a UIPluginContext. How then can I export an event log from the CLI?

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  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910
    Hi Greg,

    If log is your event log (org.deckfour.xes.model.XLog), and exportfile the file you want to export the event log to (, then the following line will work:
    org.processmining.plugins.log.exporting.ExportLogXes.export(log, exportfile);
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  • Dear Eric,

    Thanks for the speedy reply! That line worked wonders. Thank you.

    Kind regards
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