Decision Miner + ProM5 to ProM6

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Dear Sir,

   I am testing with Decision Miner. How can I access it source code ? I want to know how the algorithm search for decision points.

   Also, I am using ProM 5 testing with some MXML log files. I am reluctant to change to ProM6 as I don't want to do some modifications on the logs I generate by hand (time-consuming task). Is there any convenient way to convert the log files?  Can I still use Decision Miner in ProM6 ?

Best Regards,

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    Hi Wirat, 

    The Decision Miner is only available in ProM 5. If you download the tar.gz archive from then you can find the source code in the 'src' directory. 

    Does this answer your question? 

    BTW: ProM 6 also loads MXML files. However, if you should ever need to convert MXML into XES then you can use Nitro (see 
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    Hi Wirat and Anne,

    Anne, thank you for your answer. To add, ProM 6 can also export an MXML file to XES. Just press the 'export to disk' button with the MXML file selected.
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