Not find plugin Generate Event Log from Petri net

Hi, The plugin generate event log from Petri net can't be found in ProM, but I have successfully implemented it loggenerator.jar import into Eclipse and run Prom with UITopia. Thanks in advance.


  • ahenseahense Posts: 19
    I have been looking for this module too. It is not part of ProM 6.9 even after installing all available modules with ProM PM.

    It can be found in ProM 6.7 after installing all modules though. 

    Is there a reason why "Generate Event Log from Petri Net" was dropped? Is there a module that replaces it in Prom 6.9?
  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910
    Hi Andreas,

    You could use the "Perform a simple simulation of a (stochastic) Petri net" to create an event log from a Petri net.

    As far as I can check, the plugin you mention was part of the PetriNetSimulator package, but was removed by its developer in 2018. Why the developer chose to remove it, I do not know.

    Kind regards,
  • ahenseahense Posts: 19
    Hi Eric,
    thank you for the quick answer. This solves this problem. 
    There's another one now but I'll look for a different thread...
    Best regards,
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