Type of Causal net (C-net) not recognised

I apply the Interactive Data-aware Heuristic Miner to some XES log and export the output process model as a Causal net (C-net). Then I select the plugin "Replay a Log on CNet for Conformance Analysis". The plugin needs two inputs. It recognises the logfile as an input but it will not let me choose the C-Net I have produced before. 
Why is this not working? Is there more than one C-net type?


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910
    Hi Andreas,

    Indeed there are.

    To be precise, CausalNet is an interface, and CNet is an implementation of that interface. The Interactive Data-aware Heuristic Miner plugin exports a CausalNet (but using a different implementation, not a CNet!), but the "Replay a Log on CNet for Conformance Analysis" plugin requires a CNet.

    Kind regards,

  • ahenseahense Posts: 19
    Hi Eric,
    this answers my question. Thanks!
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