Package found in local repository, but not in global repository

LirakyLiraky Posts: 43
When I exported the package as a jar package and clicked ProM.bat to run, it reported the following error: Package found in local repository, but not in global repository: MyPackageIvy-6.12.1, where MyPackage is my project name. Why?
Kind regards.


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910
    Dear @Liraky ,

    The local repository is the fodler where you have installed your packages. This folder contains a file called packages.xml which contains the packages installed, and also the packages that are available to be installed. Apparently, in this file there is a reference to MyPackageIvy-6.12.1, while this version of the package does not exist anymore in the package repository on our server. Only the 10 latest versions of a package are kept on the server.

    You should read this message as: The Package Manager may offer you to install version 6.12.1 of MyPackageIvy, but you won't be able to install it as version 6.12.1 is not available anymore for download.

    Kind regards,
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