Installation Prom 6.0 Windows 7/64 bits

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I have problems installing Prom 6.0 on a Windows 7/64 bits machine. Java 1.6 64 bits has been installed. I have been trying the windows installer, and the tar.gz files as well. What am I doing wrong?


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    Hi 'lvousten',

    For me ProM 6 works fine on windows 64 bit.
    Have you tried right-clicking the jar file and selecting which java runtime to use? (the 64-bit of course). this might sometimes help.

    If not, could you provide us with more error details, for instance those you get when starting prom6.bat???
    Joos Buijs

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    Dear Joos, See below a print screen. Lucasimageimage
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  • Nightly buid 02092011 gave this error
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  • Dear 'lvousten',

    Could you please replace the line with the PACKAGE_URL in the ProM.ini file with the following and try again?


    The URL displayed by your screendumps corresponds to an old URL, which might not work properly anymore. Also, please check the line with the RELEASE_PACKAGE in this file. It should read

    RELEASE_PACKAGE = AllPackages

    Please note that the RELEASE_PACKAGE should be in the repository at the PACKAGE_URL.


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