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Nested attributes in OpenXES?

pcoderpcoder Posts: 49
edited November 2011 in Event Logs

Nested attributes can be very useful in storing information in the log file as suggested by the XES 1.0 standard definition, But I wonder if OpenXES implementation actually makes use of it.

For eg:

<string key="city" value="Bearlin">
<boolean key="spellChecked" value="false"/>

I can code a plugin to introduce the nested element (here boolean spellChecked). However, when I use the XesXmlSerializer to write this back to the file, it simply ignores this nested attribute.

XAttributeMap city= event.getAttributes().get("city").getAttributes();
SpellChecked sc = new SpellChecked();
city.put("spellChecked", sc);

SpellChecked is an arbitrary class that implements XAttributeBoolean interface

Can somebody explain if there is some workaround for this?

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-- Thank you, PCoder

Best Answer

  • JBuijsJBuijs Posts: 918
    Answer ✓
    Hi PCoder,

    XESame supports nested attributes using the OpenXES library so it is supported and implemented.

    I tried to quickly see if your code contains an error but could not spot it.
    Could you try to follow what happens in debug mode and see if the city attribute has the spellchecked attribute at the end?
    For instance, could you try it without the SpellChecked class? So directly on an XAttributeBoolean instance. It might also be an idea to extend the XAttributeBooleanImpl instead of implementing the interface.

    Let me know what works or not!


  • pcoderpcoder Posts: 49
    Superrr! Joos :) 

    That indeed was one of the causes! Additionally, I was doing a silly mistake of not putting back the modified event back to the log!

    Thanks a million.

    -- Thank you, PCoder
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