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Problem #101

Originator: Hitoshi Ohsaki [OT02]
Date: July 2002

Summary: Are universality and inclusion of AC-recognizable languages decidable?

An AC-tree automaton as defined by [Ohs01] is given by a signature Σ, a set of AC-axioms (that is, associativity and commutativity) for some function symbols of Σ, and a set of rewrite rules R of the form

f(q1,…,qn) → q    (1)
f(q1,…,qn) → f(p1,…,pn)    (2)
q → p     (3)

where the q’s and p’s are state symbols. Such an automaton accepts a term t iff it rewrites t modulo the given AC-axioms to some final state. L(A) denotes the language recognized by an AC-tree automaton A; a language L is called AC-recognizable iff L=L(A) for some AC-tree automaton A.

Are the following questions decidable?

It has been shown [OT02] that emptiness of AC-recognizable languages is decidable. Furthermore, as a consequence of the results of [ZL03], universality and inclusion are decidable if transition rules of the form f(q1,…,qn) → f(p1,…,pn) are not allowed (this is the sub-class of so-called regular AC tree-automata). However, both questions are still open in the general case.


The inclusion problem of AC-tree automata is undecidable [OTTR05]. Decidability of universality is still an open question.


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