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Problem #13

Originator: Jean-Jacques Lévy
Date: April 1991

Summary: Give decidable criteria for left-linear rewriting systems to be Church-Rosser.

By a lemma of Gérard Huet [Hue80], left-linear term-rewriting systems are confluent if, for every critical pair ts (where t = u[rσ] ← u[lσ] = gτ → dτ = s, for some rules lr and gd), we have t||s (t reduces in one parallel step to s). (The condition t||s can be relaxed to t||r||s for some r when the critical pair is generated from two rules overlapping at the roots; see [Toy88].) What if s||t for every critical pair ts? What if for every ts we have s= t? (Here →= is the reflexive closure of →.) What if for every critical pair ts, either s= t or t= s? In the last case, especially, a confluence proof would be interesting; one would then have confluence after critical-pair completion without regard for termination. If these conditions are insufficient, the counterexamples will have to be (besides left-linear) non-right-linear, non-terminating, and non-orthogonal (have critical pairs). See [Klo92].


Significant progress is reported in [OO97].

A new criterion based on so-called simultaneous critical pairs has been presented in [Oku98].

The history of the problem and the attempts to solve it are told in [Der05].


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