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Problem #22 (Solved !)

Originator: Nachum Dershowitz
Date: April 1991

Summary: Devise practical methods for proving termination of conditional rewriting systems.

Devise practical methods for proving termination of (standard) conditional rewriting systems. Part of the difficulty stems from the interdependence of normalization and termination.


Termination and decreasingness of CTRSs can be proved by transforming CTRSs into unconditional TRSs such that termination of the TRS is sufficient for decreasingness of the CTRS. Several variants of this transformation are studied in [BK86, DP86, GA01, GM87, Siv89, Mar96, Ohl01]. Termination of the TRSs resulting from this transformation can often be proved automatically using dependency pairs [AG00, GA01]. The transformation (together with the dependency pair approach) is implemented in the tools TALP [OCM00] and AProVE [GTSKF04]. Both tools use this transformation in order to show termination of logic programs, but AProVE can also prove termination and decreasingness of CTRSs in this way. A different approach for termination proofs of CTRSs with the general path order [DH95] is described in [Hoo96].


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