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Problem #33 (Solved !)

Originator: Jean-Pierre Jouannaud
Date: April 1991

Summary: How can completion modulo ACUI be made effective?

Completion modulo associativity and commutativity (AC) [PS81] is probably the most important case of extended completion; the general case of finite congruence classes is treated in [JK86]. Adding an axiom (U) for an identity element (x+0=x) gives rise to infinite classes. This case was viewed as conditional completion in [BPW89], and solved completely in [JM90]. The techniques, however, do not carry over to completion with idempotence (I) added (x+x=x). How to handle ACUI-completion effectively is open.


Normalized Rewriting as introduced by Claude Marché in [Mar96] is the right way of handling axiom systems like ACUI.


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