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Problem #4 (Solved !)

Date: April 1991

Summary: Is it decidable whether a term is is typable in the second-order λ 2 calculus?

One of the outstanding open problems in typed lambda calculi is the following: Given a term in ordinary untyped lambda calculus, is it decidable whether it can be typed in the second-order λ 2 calculus? See [Bar91][Hue90].


This question has been solved in the negative. In [Wel94] J.B. Wells proves that given a closed, type-free lambda term, the question whether it is typable in second-order λ 2 calculus, is undecidable. Moreover, given a closed type-free lambda term M and a type σ, then it is also undecidable in second-order λ 2 calculus whether M has type σ.


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