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AMbient Open Service Architecture

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What's AMOSA?

The Ambient Open Service Architecture (AMOSA) software platform is a project that aims at bringing better reusability of the existing SOA approaches and at improving the development of service oriented application through external coordination.

In AMOSA a service is specified through defining provided and required interfaces, where an interface defines a collection of operations and parameters. There are standardized interfaces for specific tasks like binding and management. AMOSA defines bindings to Web services and UPnP and there is tooling support to perform this mapping. AMOSA provides discoverability and interoperability across these standards. Within AMOSA language support is also studied to define the services and service compositions.

AMOSA provides a good test bed for several projects in SAN, e.g. Freeband IShare project, Internet-based Monitoring and Control of Embedded Systems (PROGRESS project), etc.

For detail information, see the AMOSA document.