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SAN is or was involved in the following research projects:

NameProject Leader (within SAN)
Running projects
SCOTT - Secure Connected Trustable Things (ECSEL-JU) T. Ozcelebi  
i-CAVE - Integrated Cooperative Automated VEhicles (STW-Perspectief) J.J. Lukkien  
Impuls Smart Mobility (Rijkswaterstaat) J.J. Lukkien  
Impuls ASML (ASML) J.J. Lukkien  
Impuls Smart Lighting (Philips Lighting) T. Ozcelebi  
CARLOS - Kinetic Monte-Carlo Simulator (1e GS) J.J. Lukkien  
Finished projects
ENABLE-S3 (ECSEL) J.J. Lukkien  
MANTIS (ECSEL/H2020) M. Holenderski  
OpenAis (H2020) T. Ozcelebi  
SLCS - Smart Lighting for City Services (EIT ICT Labs) J.J. Lukkien  
1000+ (Defensie) J.J. Lukkien  
EMC2 (Artemis) R.J. Bril  
IOLS - Intelligent Outdoor Lighting Systems (EIT ICT Labs) M. Holenderski  
SAIL - Semantic Adaptive Infomedia Lighting (EIT ICT Labs) N. Jovanovic  
rCPS (STW) P.J.L. Cuijpers  
iGAME (FP7) J.J. Lukkien  
Pro Heal (ITEA) T. Ozcelebi  
CRYSTAL - CRitical sYSTem engineering AcceLeration (Artemis) J.J. Lukkien  
MANY (ITEA) J.J. Lukkien  
RMAFCloud - Resource Management for Application Frameworks in Clouds R.H. Mak  
OLDA - Open Local Data Applications (EIT ICT Labs) M. Holenderski  
SenSafety - Sensor Networks for Public Safety (BSIK / COMMIT) P.J.L. Cuijpers  
ISLES 2014 - Intelligent Street Lighting for Energy Saving and Safety 2014 (Point-One) J.J. Lukkien  
SmaCS - Smart Context-aware Services (Point-One) T. Ozcelebi  
COBRA-NL - Computing Fabric for High performance Applications (Catrene) C.H. van Berkel  
OMECA - Optimization of Modular Embedded Computer-vision Architectures (Point-One) J.J. Lukkien  
ENSURE (KWR) T. Ozcelebi  
SPITS - Strategic Platform for Intelligent Traffic Systems (KWR / HTTP) J.J. Lukkien  
ViCoMo - Video Context Modeling (ITEA) R.H. Mak  
iLighting the world (1e GS) T. Ozcelebi  
Verified - Verified, Economical and Robust Integrated Functionality for In-vehicle Embedded Development (HTAS) R.J. Bril  
VITRUVIUS - Versatile Interface for TRUstworthy VItal User (oriented) Services (IOP) J.J. Lukkien  
SOFIA - Smart Objects For Intelligent Applications (Artemis) T. Ozcelebi  
InVecNet - In-Vehicle networks (1e GS) R.J. Bril  
CANTATA - Content aware networked systems towards advanced and tailored assistance (ITEA) R.J. Bril  
WASP - Wirelessly Accessible Sensor Populations (FP6) M.G. van der Horst  
COMET - Converged Messaging Technology (FP6) I. Radovanovic  
Trust4All (ITEA) M.R.V. Chaudron  
I-Share - Sharing resources in virtual communities for storage, communications, and processing of multimedia data (BSIK / COMMIT) J.J. Lukkien  
Gilder beats Moore (1e GS) R.H. Mak  
Empanada (1e GS) M.R.V. Chaudron  
Space4U (ITEA) M.R.V. Chaudron  
CANDELA - Content Analysis and Network Delivery Architectures (ITEA) J.J. Lukkien  
IDEALS (ESI) M.R.V. Chaudron  
QoS IHDN - Quality of Service for In Home Digital Networks (STW + 1e gs) J.J. Lukkien  
FABRIC - middleware for ubiquitious computing (5th framework IST) J.J. Lukkien  
Software Architecture = Components + Coordination (NWO) M.R.V. Chaudron  
RoboCop (ITEA) M.R.V. Chaudron  
Internet-based Monitoring and Control of Embedded Systems (STW/Progress) J.J. Lukkien  

Project Timeline

SCOTT - Secure Connected Trustable Thingsi-CAVE - Integrated Cooperative Automated VEhiclesOPTILIGHTENABLE-S3Impuls Smart MobilityImpuls ASMLMANTISImpuls Smart LightingrCPSCARLOS - Kinetic Monte-Carlo Simulator

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